WebLogic Portal Upgrades

InSemble has helped customers plan and execute on two critical WebLogic Portal upgrade projects. These upgrade projects involved migrating WebLogic Portal 8.1 based applications to the WebLogic Portal 10gR3 release. The successful delivery of these key projects has helped our customer realize significant performance and scalability improvements, compliance mandates on platform support, reduced maintenance costs and enhanced functionality in the new release of the WebLogic Portal product.

The first upgraded portal application powered multiple corporate websites targeting content across multiple affiliates over the internet. The upgrade involve upgrading the customers proprietary content management framework utilizing WLP CMS repository and associated portlets from WebLogic Portal 8.1 to WebLogic Portal 10gR3. The upgraded codebase was extensively regression and load tested on the new WebLogic Portal 10gR3 infrastructure and significant performance and scalability improvements were realized on WebLogic 10gR3. During this upgrade a content migration and propagation strategy was defined and implemented on WebLogic Portal 10gR3.

The second upgrade involved a very high complexity WebLogic Portal 8.1 application with multiple Internet customer facing portal desktops. Each desktop within this application targeted providers, subscribers, clients, individual enrollees and administrative users. This portal application also integrates with multiple back end systems, applications and services in the enterprise. The upgrade project involved planning and executing the upgrade while accommodating parallel releases cycles with new functionality under development. The application upgrade involved migrating the very large codebase of the portal application to utilize WebLogic 10gR3 and modifying associated portlets (pageflows and JSP’s) along with custom frameworks for each customer desktop. Application components that utilized advanced portal framework components – WSRP, backing files, IPC had to be upgraded and refactored in certain instances to utilize the new WLP 10gR3 framework. A new team development workspace on the new Eclipse Workshop was created and exhaustively tested to deliver an optimal iterative development experience on WebLogic Portal 10gR3. New processes and scripts were developed for iterative build and deployment, development domain automation, propagation and common activities performed during the development cycle. InSemble also worked closely with customer’s infrastructure team to automate the setup of the new WebLogic Portal 10gR3 infrastructure and deliver significant performance and scalability improvements.