Address Standardization - Vendor Evaluation

InSemble executed independent vendor evaluation of Address Standardization vendors to replace the current solution within Delta Dental Michigan's Claims ETS system. InSemble was tasked with running the overall technology selection process and evaluating multiple USPS CASS certified vendors. InSemble team conducted a thorough technology selection process and recommended Intelligent Search based on results from an independent score card developed for this evaluation.

As part of this exercise, InSemble assessed the current total cost of ownership(TCO), overall enterprise architecture, dependency and impact analysis, and exhaustive functional, performance and scalability testing. InSemble proposed a new services based architecture and deployment model with Intelligent Search that resulted in significantly lower total cost of ownership for Delta Dental.

InSemble worked with several stakeholders at Delta Dental from the Application Group, Infrastructure Group and Business Analysts along with IT executive management to execute the proof of concept and obtain timely feedback.

After the technical due diligence, InSemble worked with Delta Dental's Vendor Management Office and Delta Dental's Enterprise Architecture Board to do capacity planning and risk mitigation to introduce Intelligent Search into Delta Dental's production infrastructure.

By executing this evaluation, InSemble generated significant cost savings for Delta Dental of Michigan.