Oracle Fusion Middleware related Service Offerings

InSemble provides several consulting offerings for customers using Oracle middleware products. All our service offerings will be performed in two phases - an assessment phase and execution phase.

Assessment Phase:

1. Understand requirements, motivations
2. Analyze Customer's IT ecosystem and current state using our IPEAM methodology
3. Recommend a target state, roadmap, deliverables, project plan and governance model using our IPEAM methodology
4. Define the engagement model for the execution phase.
5. Provide an Execution Checklist to be complete before the execution phase begins

Execution Phase:

One commonality among all the service offerings is that InSemble will own the delivery from a technology perspective and will leverage its IPEAM methodology to effectively bridge the various organizations being impacted by the service offering.

Execution Phase

We strongly believe that with our IPEAM approach, we will nurture a more effective cross-collaboration environment in your organization.

Oracle Fusion Middleware based Enterprise Reference Architecture Advisory Service:

Enterprise customers are challenged with understanding how the products they purchased can be effectively leveraged within their environment. InSemble's architects with their rich experience in middleware can help address this challenge .

This service will provide the customer with a reference architecture leveraging Oracle's Fusion Middleware stack. The reference architecture will be developed by analysis of the customer's current software ecosystem, business drivers and organization's current governance processes.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Software Upgrades Implementation Service:

Enterprise customers are challenged with having to keep up with software upgrades for several reasons. Upgrades in the middleware space are complicated in general and that has been exacerbated with the recent consolidations.

This service will help the customers upgrade their existing enterprise applications to more recent versions of the software based on years of experience of InSemble architects.

Upgrade services are currently available for:

Source Platform Target Platform
BEA WebLogic Server 5.1,6.1,7,0,8.1,9.1 Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3
BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1,9,x Oracle WebLogic Portal 10gR3
BEA WebLogic Integration 8.x, 9.x Oracle WebLogic Integration 10gR3
AquaLogic Service Bus 2.x Oracle Service Bus 10gR3

InSemble WatchGuard Implementation Service:

Enterprise customers are challenged day to day with production problems and occasional outages in their middleware stack. Even though customers have invested in enterprise monitoring products, they still know about the problem the same time their customer sees it. InSemble's architects with their rich experience in middleware can help address this challenge .

This service will enable customers to improve the enterprise monitoring and reporting capabilities of their organization and move to a more proactive model of being alerted about issues before the customer notices them.

InSemble Project Jumpstart Implementation Service:

Enterprise customers are challenged with losing productivity when the development platform is upgraded or changed. It takes time to incorporate the best practices and streamline the development process. InSemble's architects with their rich experience in middleware can help address this challenge .

This service will jumpstart a WebLogic Portal/Server/Integration/Oracle Service Bus Project by providing the necessary tools to build and deploy projects.

InSemble Elastic Infrastructure Advisory Service:

Enterprise customers today are hearing about several cost containment initiatives such as virtualization and cloud computing. There is still a gap on figuring out on how these technologies can be leveraged for their existing middleware projects. Over the last year, InSemble architects have worked on implementing these technologies on existing middleware applications. InSemble has also partnered with other Cloud Computing product vendors to understand the synergies and pitfalls on running enterprise middleware projects in an on-premise cloud, hosted private cloud and hosted public cloud.

This service will provide best practices and lessons learned from the trenches and guide the customers on the path of moving to a more elastic infrastructure.