Lean IT Transformation

Provided leadership and vision to several transformation initiatives from 2008 to present as part of the IT Roadmap Plan

  • Introduced new technologies to support new channels for business
  • Migrated the Software for the core IT System over a 2 year period with no impact to business users
  • Migrated IT infrastructure to improve Disaster Recovery process and reduce the TCO

Established an Enterprise Architecture Group under the sponsorship of the CIO

  • Enabled collaboration across various groups in IT, decreasing the time to deliver initiatives across the enterprise
  • Enabled a consistent vendor evaluation strategy for enterprise IT products, saving significant license costs over the years for multiple product purchases
  • Introduced several new technologies to the organization to reduce the time to market for new features

Catalyst for Organizational Transformation

  • Enabled a restructuring in the organization to move Middleware Administration Team from Operations to under Application Development to enhance software lifecycle productivity
  • Managed the new team and expanded the scope of their responsibility

Fostered Collaboration and Improved Productivity

  • Created and Managed Application Infrastructure Team that bridged Application Development, Technical Services ,Test Engineering and Operations mitigating risks across the application lifecycle.
  • This team pioneered multiple initiatives that improved productivity of business associates and improvements in the Affiliate Conversion Business Process