Upcoming Events:

  • 2/24/15: Co-presenting 'Big Data Use Cases' with Cloudera at the Lansing Hadoop User Group.
  • 3/23/15: Co-presenting 'Hadoop for Java Developers' with Cloudera at the Detroit Java Users Group.

Big Data is all the rage, but the ecosystem is quite huge. Inertia sets in to get started as customers have to address many concerns such as:

  • Which Platform should I pick?
  • How do I sell the vision to my management?
  • How to democratize our data for most value?
  • How to quantify benefits to IT and business?
  • How do I decide which competing frameworks within Hadoop to use for a given use case?
  • How do I train my staff?
  • What is the bare minimum I need to start with?
  • How does my Big Data solution coexist with my current IT ecosystem?
  • Do I setup the infrastructure in house or in the cloud?
  • How about NoSQL databases?
  • How about securing the data at rest?

InSemble has a pedigree of helping large enterprises build highly performant, scalable distributed systems for the past 15 years. We leveraged those ensemble of experiences and applied the same rigor as we learnt and evaluated the various Hadoop frameworks.

Realizing the benefits of Big Data is a journey and we define the journey and the benefits a company realizes as it moves phase by phase is as follows: Big Data Journey

We can help address your BigData concerns and help you unlock the potential of Big Data. We can share our best practices around ETL Patterns, Centralized Logging Management, Data Lifecycle and Real Time Event Processing . We will help you realize ROI with each of these service offerings.


  • Jumpstart BigData in your Enterprise
  • Hadoop Rapid Immersion.
  • Proof of Concepts/Vendor Evaluation/Benchmarks
  • Custom Projects/Training
  • Enterprise Reference Architecture

Please reach out to us at sales@insemble.com